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[GMAT逻辑题讨论] Prep2012逻辑第7题

icetong123 发表于 2014-10-25 10:07:04 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Reviewer: The book Art's Dedine argues that European painters today lack skills that were common among European
painters of preceding centuries. In this the book must be right, since its analysis of 100 paintings, 50 old and 50
contemporary, demonstrates convincingly that none of the contemporary paintings are executed as skillfully as the
older paintings.
Which of the following points to the most serious logical flaw in the reviewer's argument?
A. The paintings chosen by the book's author for analysis could be those that most support the book's thesis.
B. There could be criteria other than the technical skill of the artist by which to evaluate a painting.
C. The title of the book could cause readers to accept the book's thesis even before they read the analysis of the
paintings that supports it.
D. The particular methods currently used by European painters could require less artistic skill than do methods used
by painters in other parts of the world.
E. A reader who was not familiar with the language of art criticism might not be convinced by the book's analysis of
the 100 paintings.




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