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[GMAT逻辑题讨论] Prep2012逻辑第1题

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According to the Tristate Transportation Authority, making certain improvements to the main commuter rail line
would increase ridership dramatically. The authority plans to finance these improvements over the course of five
years by raising automobile tolls on the two highway bridges along the route the rail line serves. Although the
proposed improvements are indeed needed, the authority's plan for securing the necessary funds should be rejected
because it would unfairly force drivers to absorb the entire cost of something from which they receive no benefit.
Which of the following, if true, would cast the most doubt on the effectiveness of the authority's plan to finance the
proposed improvements by increasing bridge tolls?
A. Before the authority increases tolls on any of the area bridges, it is required by law to hold public hearings at
which objections to the proposed increase can be raised.
B. Whenever bridge tolls are increased, the authority must pay a private contractor to adjust the automated tollcollecting
C. Between the time a proposed toll increase is announced and the time the increase is actually put into effect,
many commuters buy more tokens than usual to postpone the effects of the increase.
D. When tolls were last increased on the two bridges in question, almost 20 percent of the regular commuter
switched to a slightly longer alternative route that has since been improved.
E. The chairman of the authority is a member of the Tristate Automobile Club that has registered strong opposition
to the proposed toll increase.




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